Five of the most important medical fit-out considerations

From regulatory and accessibility requirements to safety measures and patient engagement considerations, a medical fit-out is significantly different to retail or commercial fit-outs. That’s why it is vital that an experienced provider guides you through.

Choosing an experienced medical fit out specialist like Every Trade is the most efficient way of delivering a project in the health infrastructure sector. At Every Trade, we think broadly about your patients and practice, asking a central question at every stage: how do we keep your patients safe and comfortable while maximising the efficiency, safety and accessibility of your practice? If you’re thinking about starting your own practice, or refurbishing your current practice, here are five of the most important medical fit-out considerations you need to think about.

Safety first

Regardless of whether you are a multidisciplinary medical practice, a dental practice or a vet surgery, your first consideration for a medical fit-out must be safety. From infection control to accident prevention, it is your responsibility to ensure your patients are receiving care in a safe environment.

The choice of layout, building materials, lighting, flooring and more all have safety implications so a great deal of thought should be put into every aspect. For example, is your choice of flooring easy to clean and maintain? Does it have anti-slip qualities and grips? Is it clearly marked for the vision impaired? Is it wheelchair friendly?

Meeting compliance and regulatory requirements

Navigating the compliance and regulatory requirements of a medical fit-out can be tricky, so it is important that you work with an experienced service provider who understands the ‘red tape’ of the industry. From disability access standards, workplace health and safety requirements and council development regulations, Every Trade prides themselves on compliance at every level.

Clean and spacious corridor

Accessible for all

Every person is entitled to receive medical care, so it is essential that they are able to access that care safely and comfortably. Not only do disability access standards, workplace health and safety requirements and council development regulations all need to be adhered to, but patients should feel welcomed and included. For example, is all signage clearly visible and legible? Is the practice layout easy to navigate? Are all waiting areas, consultation rooms and other amenities easily accessible with ramps and support rails?

Empty corridor of a glass building with trees outside

The importance of good lighting

Another key consideration in any medical fit-out is lighting. Not only a practical requirement, lighting is also a foundational element of client and staff comfort, temperature control, and practice ambiance.

The lighting in your practice should be bright enough to ensure practitioners, staff and clients can carry out tasks easily and efficiently, but should also cool so as not to generate heat in the rooms. Lighting can have a great impact on patients, so it is important that it promotes a calm and relaxed environment. Natural light can add a great deal of benefit to your practice and your staff and patients, so considering how the infrastructure can be designed to increase natural light coming into the building is important.

Interior of modern medical clinic

Promoting positive patient experiences

When it comes to building a profitable and successful medical practice, there’s probably nothing more important than your patients. The more positive the patient experience, the greater the patient satisfaction. And the greater the patient satisfaction, the more likely you will attract new patients and keep current patients returning in the future.

While we noted the effect of lighting on patient experience, it is also important to consider privacy, comfort, and aesthetics. Privacy and sound control is of paramount importance, particularly given the often sensitive nature of consultations. Medical practicitioners should be able to meet with patients without being overheard or distracted by other people.

The infrastructure, interior design and aethetics of the practice should also designed in such a way that it generates feelings of comfort and ease for families and patients, as well as staff. From colour schemes to finishings, surface textures to layout, aesthetics can elicit positive or negative emotions in people. To make the most of your medical fitout, choose a design, as well as furniture and fixtures, that bring a sense of tranquility, comfort and positivity in patients.

Are you considering a medical fit-out?

Here at Every Trade, we are experienced in fit-outs for the healthcare industry, offering fully integrated services and a sustainable focus to everything we do.

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